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We’ve Got A Wide Selection Of Bulk Candy

[suffusion-multic][suffusion-column width=’1/3′]Bulk Candy


[suffusion-column width=’1/2′]Andies Candies
Assorted Newblers Rainbow Rock Candy Nuggets
Beary Blue Raspberry Gummi Rings
Black Licorice Laces
Candy Blocks Assorted Flavors (edible Lego shaped candies)
Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans
Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds
ChocoRocks (chocolate that looks like rocks)
Cinnamon Bears
Coffee Go Cappuccino (wrapped coffee candy)
Eucalyptus Menthol Chips
Ferrara Pan Cinnamon Imperials (like Red Hots)
French Burnt Peanuts
Fruit Salad Gummy Candy
Gerrit’s Satellite Wafers
Gimballs Original Chews Licorice (Black)
Good & plenty
Gourmet No Sugar Added Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties
Green Apple Gummi Rings
Green Apple Sour Power Straws
Gumballs – Bubble King (perfect gumball machine refillers)
Gummi Bears – Albanese 12 Flavor Wild Fruit
Gummi Bears – Haribo Gold Bears
Gummi Worms Assorted Fruit
Haribo Licorice Wheels
Haribo Pink Grapefruit
Haribo Strawberry Wheels
Hopjes Koffie (Delicious Coffee flavored hard candy)
Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles
Kookaburra Strawberry Wheels
Kopper’s Chocolate Espresso Beans
Kopper’s Danish Chocolate Mocha Beans (coffee flavor and shape, no bean inside)
Kopper’s Irish Mocha Beans (green colored, coffee flavor and shape, no bean inside)
Kopper’s Milk Chocolate Espresso Beans
Large Gummi Butterfies – Assorted Wild Fruit
Lemon Drops
Licorice Snaps
Marich Chocolate Coffee Beans
Marich Chocolate Espresso Beans
Marich house Blend Chocolate Espresso Beans (incl. white chocolate covered beans)
Milk Chocolate Almonds
Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Sponge
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Malt Balls
Mini Reese’s Pieces
No Sugar Added Chocolate Malted Milk Balls
No Sugar Added Gummi Bears
No Sugar Added White Chocolate Almond
Passionate Peach Gummi Rings
Red Licorcice Laces
Red Licorice Buttons
Ripe Watermelon Gummi Rings
Salmiack Rocks
Sour Gummi Worms
Sour Patch Kids
Spice Drops
Strawberry Sour Power  Straws
Sugar Free Black Licorice Bears
Sugar Free Gumballs
Sugar Free Gummi Peach Rings
Sugar Free Licorice Scottie Dogs (Cherry Flavored)
Swedish Fish
Trolli Strawberry Creams (Gummis)
Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts
Yogurt Peanuts
Yogurt Raisins
½ “ Psychedelic Bruisers : Sconza
12 Flavor Gummi Bears : Albanese
Almonds – Chocolate (milk) : Granola Kitchen
Almonds – Chocolate Toffee (milk) : Sconza
Boston Baked Beans : Sconza
Candy Blox : Concord Confections
Cherry Slices : Farley’s & Sathers Candy
Chocolate Bridge Mix (milk) : Georgia Nut Co
Cinnamon Bears – Chocolate (milk) : Sweets
Cinnamon Bears : Sweets
Cinnamon Imperials : Ferrara Pan
Coffee Candy Hopjes
Eucalyptus Menthol Chips
French Burnt Peanuts : Sconza
Gumballs Original Assorted
Gummi Bears Chocolate Covered (milk) : Koppers
Gummi Bears Chocolate Covered (white) : Koppers
Gummi Butterflies Large : Albanese
Gummi Rings – Blue Raspberry : Albanese
Gummi Rings – Peach : Albanese
Gummi Rings – Watermelon : Albanese
Gummi Sour Squiggles : Trolli
Gummi Squiggles : Trolli
Happy Colas : Haribo
Hopjes Coffee Candy : Dorval Trading CO
JuJuBes : Farley
Lemon Drops : Ferrara Pan
Licorice – Anise Bears : Farley’s & Sathers Candy Co
Licorice – Black Farm : Kraepelien & Holm Dropworld
Licorice – Black Gimbals Original Chews : Gimbals
Licorice – Black Laces : Kennys
Licorice – Black Wheels : Haribo
Licorice – Chalk / Ice Gustaf’s : Gerrit J. Verburg Co
Licorice – Good & Plenty : Hershey
Licorice – Hard Sanded Black Drops : Claeys
Licorice – Hollows (snap’s) : Kennys
Licorice – Kookabura Australian : Kookaburra Liquorice
Licorice – Money Licorice: Gustaf’s
Licorice – Red Laces : Kennys
Licorice – Red Strawberry Wheels : Haribo
Licorice – Rockies : Gerrit J. Verburg Co
Licorice – Salmiack Rocks : Gerrit J. Verburg Co
Licorice – Salt Buttons : Gerrit J. Verburg Co
Licorice – Scottie Dogs Red : Gimbals Brothers Inc
No Sugar Added (NSA) Malt Balls : Granola Kitchen
Peanuts – Yogurt : Georgia Nut Co
Pink Grapefruit Slices : Haribo
Pretzels – Chocolate : Georgia Nut Co
Pretzels – Yogurt : Georgia Nut Co
Raisins – Chocolate (milk) : Granola Kitchen
Raisins – Yogurt : Granola Kitchen
Red Raspberry Dollars : Farleys
Reeses Pieces Mini : Hershey
Rock Candy Strings – Grape : Richardson Brands Co
Rock Candy Strings – Strawberry : Richardson Brands Co
Runts : Nestle
SF Black Licorice Bears : Gerrit J. Verburg Co
SF Cinnamon Cubbies : Sweets
SF Gumballs Assorted :
SF Gummi Bears : Haribo
SF Gummi Bears Chocolate (milk) : Laymon Candy Co
SF Gummi Rings – Peach : Albanese
SF Licorice – Gimbals Black Licorice Chews : Gimbals Brothers Inc
SF Licorice – Scottie Dogs Black : Gimbals Brothers Inc
SF Licorice – Scottie Dogs Red : Gimbals Brothers Inc
SF Sour Neon Worms (
Silver line Chocolate Malt Balls : Georgia Nut Co
Small Bright Crawlers : Trolli
Sour Blue Soda Bottles : Santa Cruz Nutritionals
Sour Gummi Poppers : Albanese
Sour Patch Kids : Kraft Foods Global, Inc
Sour Watermelon Slices : Allan
Sour) Fruit Drops: Claey’s
Spice Drops : Farleys
Strawberry Creams : Trolli
Swedish Fish Aqua Life : Kraft Foods Global, Inc
Swedish Fish Assorted Large : Kraft Foods Global, Inc
Swedish Fish Strawberry Mini : Kraft Foods Global, Inc
Wax Bottles Nik – L – Nip : Concord Confections
Zagnuts : Hershey
Zotz – Apple : Andre Prost, Inc
Zotz – Cherry : Andre Prost, Inc
Zotz – Grape : Andre Prost, Inc
Zotz – Lemon : Andre Prost, Inc
Zotz – Orange : Andre Prost, Inc
Zotz – Watermelon : Andre Prost, Inc