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Cadbury Chocolates

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Imported and delicious.
Bournville Classic Dark Chocolate
Buttons – Milk Chocolate
Buttons – White Chocolate
Caramel Wafer Biscuts
Curly Wurly
Dairy Milk Golden Crisp
Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut
Dairy Milk, Milk Chocolate – large bar
Dairy Milk, Milk Chocolate – small bar
Double Decker
Cadbury Bournville Bar 45g
Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted 1.6oz
Cadbury Dairy Milk Choc 3.5oz
Cadbury Dairy Milk w Caramel
Cadbury Double Decker
Cadbury Drinking Choc 9oz tub
Cadbury Flake Dipped
Cadbury Fruit and Nut 49g
Cadbury Fudge 25g .9oz
Cadbury Golden Crisp
Cadbury Picnic Bar
Cadbury Starbar
Cadbury Tiffin Dairy Milk
Cadbury’s Buttons – Milk Choc
Cadbury’s Button’s – White Choc
Cadbury’s Crunchie 1.4oz
Cadbury’s Curly Wurly 1oz
Cadbury’s Dairy milk Choc 49g
Cadbury’s Flake 2 oz
Cadbury’s Twirl 1.6oz
Cadbury’s Wispa