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Sugar Free Candies

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[suffusion-column width=’1/2′]SF and NSA Lists 6-11-2012
SF and NSA Bulk LC most made with Maltitol
SF Black Licorice Bears : Gerrit J. Verburg Co
SF Cinnamon Cubbies : Sweets
SF Gumballs Assorted
SF Gummi Bears : Haribo
SF Gummi Bears Chocolate (milk) : Laymon Candy Co
SF Gummi Rings – Peach : Albanese
SF Licorice – Gimbals Black Licorice Chews : Gimbals Brothers Inc
SF Licorice – Scottie Dogs Black : Gimbals Brothers Inc
SF Licorice – Scottie Dogs Red : Gimbals Brothers Inc
SF Sour Neon Worms (
No Sugar Added (NSA) Malt Balls : Granola Kitchen

SF Barrel Candies
1. S/F IBC Root Beer Barrels
2. S/F IBC Root Beer Float Barrels
3. SF 31 Falvors Hard Candies Assorted
4. SF Assorted Fruit Chews
5. SF Bubble Yum
6. SF Chick-O-Sticks
7. SF Dr John’s Candies Assorted
8. SF Fruit Go Lightly Hard Candy Asst.
9. SF Peanut Butter Bars
10. SF Souble Bubble
11. SF Werther’s Originals

SF TAFFY – Made with Maltitol Syrup
1. SUGAR FREE Banana
2. SUGAR FREE Blue Raspberry
3. SUGAR FREE Caramel Swirl Sweets
4. SUGAR FREE Chocolate
5. SUGAR FREE Cinnamon
6. SUGAR FREE Huckleberry
7. SUGAR FREE Licorice (black)
8. SUGAR FREE Orange
9. SUGAR FREE Strawberry
10. SUGAR FREE Taffy Assorted
11. SUGAR FREE Vanilla
SF Packaged Candies
SF Sen Sen Rolls
SF Ashers Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties
Hot Lix Ant Candy
Hot Lix Scorpion Sucker
Hot Lix Cricket Lick-It
Hot Lix Margarita & Salt Sucker
Hot Lix Tequila Worm Pop
SF Glee Gum Refresh Mint
SF Glee Gum Lemon- Lime
SF Jolly Ranchers Assorted
SF Life Savers Assorted
SF Jelly Belly Assorted
SF Jelly Belly Gummi Bears

SF Circus Sticks
Cotton Candy
Tutti Frutti